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Are you:
a senior or executive level professional trying to secure a new job or position?
a business owner, consultant, advisor, or coach seeking a good marketing resume to convert more leads to clients?
wanting to increase your income by marketing yourself for higher paying jobs?

I help people pursue their professional goals by marketing them for their target job, consulting clients, or by promoting their services and achievements via a properly assembled career portfolio.

If you are pursuing a job with a high 5-figure or 6 figure / $100k+ compensation package and great benefits, then your resume needs to present a high 5-figure or 6-figure / $100k+ executive who can start generating profitable and immediate solutions for employers.

As with every goal, you need to design a roadmap that will lead you to the job you desire. After identifying your objectives and specific target positions, the next step would be to partner with a professional resume writer.

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To begin, select the depth of your career background.

0 – 10 Years   11 – 20 Years   21 – 30 Years   31+ Years

My professional resume writing service follows a natural and concise process. This resume writing strategy will unwrap your qualifications and achievements while presenting your experience, as a must-have asset to your target audience; the employer.

I believe in crafting a resume by starting from the root and core of it. To start this resume writing process from the ground up, it is important to identify the goals you seek to achieve with your new branded resume. In doing so, I will be able to design the best resume and personal marketing strategy that will guide you towards your ultimate professional and career goals.

Whether you are an entry, mid, or executive level professional, a branded professional resume is crucial to position yourself for your ideal job. Conversely, if your resume does not appeal and present your experience through credibility and consistency, it will not convey a proper message to employers. This will hinder your chances of receiving interviews and arranging meetings that can result in potential opportunities.

To reduce the chances of this happening and to establish a good job search marketing strategy, I invite you to partner with me. Together, we can collaborate to produce an organic and personalized resume that will convey your unique and authentic brand.  Click here to send me a message.

Published and featured on: JobDig, WorkBloom, and LinkUp.

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Yuleni Pulido: Professional Resume Writer
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