My 2 Essential Tips to Up Your Job Search Game

Most people do not realize the power in taking control of their job search – until they have searched for months and sometimes even years. We all know job searching does not have a positive connotation. Typically, if you are searching for another job, you are either currently employed, which is a smart strategy, or you are unemployed, which sounds highly unattractive.

Some of the comments I listen to are usually:

  • “I have completed numerous applications and I get rejected.
  • “I submit my resume online, but I only get calls for sales and they are not even good offers.”
  • “I have a successful business, but I would like a good resume, value proposition letter, and biography to market myself to new clients.

Okay, so the last one is actually a great situation to find yourself in; however, whether we are searching for
an employer to become their employee or their advisor, here are two suggestions on how to up your job search game by securing the job you want and/or increasing your clientele as soon as possible.

Target Audience:

Attract the right kind of people. Many people say they are “open to any opportunity.” One of the mindsets that hinder and delay the path towards a new job is precisely this one. Imagine saying this to recruiters. They would not know where to start and you have just made their job more difficult. This means the recruiter will set you aside and work with someone who knows the type of job they want, because now the recruiter can match this person with their client (the employer, not you). In the event the recruiter does not have a client with a vacancy that matches your position, they will more than likely make a note on your file and contact you as soon as they have a client seeking someone like you.

Marketing Campaign: 

Knowing your target industry is great. Create a list of companies you believe would benefit from your background and experiences. Search for one of their key decision makers (typically, the person you would report to or the person who would hire you as their advisor or consultant) and send them a value proposition letter. Google’s Yet Another Mail Merge add-on allows you to send personalized letters to 50
contacts at once, per day, and for free in just a few minutes. You can see who has opened your emails and follow-up accordingly.

If you are an executive who is currently employed and has limited time to search for a new job, connect with and contact executive recruiters. Contact a certain number of recruiters in your preferred industry, send them your value proposition letter, and ask them if they have clients who would benefit from your qualifications.

For those of you seeking to increase your clientele as an advisor, coach, or consultant, this is a low cost simple, and efficient marketing strategy you can apply in less than 15 minutes (once you have the list of your target contacts).

Create a focused plan where you can identify your top three target positions, top three target companies, and your top three target industries. Now properly market yourself for the job you want. Make sure your resume is top-notch before they ask for it. Your LinkedIn profile should be as professional and optimized as possible to attract your contacts. Adding your LinkedIn profile URL to your email signature is also a good marketing idea.

At the end of the day, people invest in you. With this in mind, how are you presenting yourself? Think about whether you are perceived as a high 5-figure or 6-figure professional. Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have (or had). Market yourself for the job you want, not the job you have (or had). Make sure your resume is properly marketing you for good quality and high salary jobs. Apple packages their product with high quality and elegant materials. Calvin Klein packages their products in a similar fashion. How are you packaging your background and experiences?

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