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3 Key Components for Your Interview

What do you do once a potential employer calls you for an interview? You’ve got them to like you on paper, which is quite difficult to do for the majority of the people. Now what? According to Aristotle’s method of reasoning, good communication includes logic, credibility, and emotion. Here is how you can properly communicate Read More

Chris Lidaka Cover_20171118_Teamworks

50 Competing With 30

I have the pleasure of working with amazing professionals in their fifties who long to revamp their career lives. We all face career challenges, such as short term employments, returning to work after years of caring for children or relatives, and contract work appearing unattractive on resumes. Some challenges are easier to overcome than others. Read More

Chris Lidaka Cover_20171118_Teamworks

Your 1 Routine to Your New Job

I think routines are healthy because they can keep you grounded. Routines provide consistency and purpose. Successful people have routines that help them improve themselves. Some of these routines include listening to self-improvement messages, exercising, or simply just thinking. These routines help them execute their goals. They accomplish these routines in the morning; thus, setting their Read More