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Fernando L Quiros - Resume

50 Competing With 30

I have the pleasure of working with amazing professionals in their fifties who long to revamp their career lives. We all face career challenges, such as short term employments, returning to work after years of caring for children or relatives, and contract work appearing unattractive on resumes. Some challenges are easier to overcome than others. Read More

Fernando L Quiros - Resume

Your 1 Routine to Your New Job

I think routines are healthy because they can keep you grounded. Routines provide consistency and purpose. Successful people have routines that help them improve themselves. Some of these routines include listening to self-improvement messages, exercising, or simply just thinking. These routines help them execute their goals. They accomplish these routines in the morning; thus, setting their Read More

Fernando L Quiros - Resume

How to Bypass ATS

One of the most important components of a resume is to have the right content. The right content leads to creating the ideal match between you and the employer. This; however, should not be forced. If you have the qualifications and industry experience, then it follows your resume will be full of the information the employer Read More