How to Bypass ATS

One of the most important components of a resume is to have the right content. The right content leads to creating the ideal match between you and the employer. This; however, should not be forced. If you have the qualifications and industry experience, then it follows your resume will be full of the information the employer is seeking.

Online job advertisements can serve as a guide to assist you in developing a resume that clearly matches the company’s needs.

Job Applications

Although it is important to ensure your resume conveys the right information, if you are too concerned with applicant tracking systems (ATS), then you are doing something wrong. That is, you are relying too much on submitting applications for online vacancies. This strategy is overly saturated and yields little result.

Instead of investing your valuable time completing application after application, STOP.

Your Top-10 Companies

Make a list of the top ten companies you would like to work for. Then, search for the key decision maker. This would be the person you would report to in the position you are pursuing. Once you have found their contact information, save it and do further company research.

Creative Job Search Ideas

See if the company is hiring. Find out what projects the company is currently working on. Search for any recent press releases. Valuable company contact information is usually found in press releases.

Have you thought about working for companies that are expanding or growing? These companies are most likely looking to hire people for their company expansion.

Be creative and think outside the box. Stop following the crowd and pave your own path. This search will take time, but it will be time worth investing. All you need is one good job offer.

We are in a day and age where people are reinventing themselves and seeking bigger and greater opportunities by applying new and different strategies.

If you do not know which positions you would like to target, then you must start by discovering that first.

If one of your preferred companies is hiring and has a vacancy posted, complete their online applications, but do not stop there. Follow the tips above as well. Also, connect on LinkedIn with the contacts you have gathered by sending them a brief personalized message.

How to Research a Company

The SWOT method businesses use to increase their success can be used when researching a company, in a simpler format. (SWOT: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). Learn about what the company excels at. See what their weaknesses are. See if you can think of new opportunities they might have. Research their top three competitors and how they are a threat to them. Going to an interview with all of this information shows you are prepared and ready to have a meaningful and memorable dialogue with everyone in the room. Suddenly, the interview becomes more of a discussion where you have a solid voice.

Benefits of This Approach:

  1. You increase your chances of speaking with the actual person who is experiencing the pain of not having you there.
  2. You get to speak with someone who is actually experienced in your field and who knows, this person might actually have 20 years of experience in the industry just like you, rather than a few years of entry level experience.
  3. You have the chance of setting up your own interview to discuss the value you have to offer.

To begin, select the depth of your career background.

Less Than 5 Years   6 – 10 Years   11 – 15 Years

16 – 20 Years   21 – 30 Years   31+ Years

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